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A Christian Lifestyle blog

For people on the search for a truer connection with God

Dedicated to sharing Christian values, and stories of faith in the community

Our interests:

-Homesteading and Environmental Stewardship: We believe that the Gospel tells us that we must be stewards unto the land. Our responsibility to ourselves and the Almighty is tied to our interactions with His Earth. That’s why we believe the modern homesteading movement is so important in the faith community.

-We believe in a “back to the Bible” approach to faith. Protestant faiths were established to do away with the middle men separating believers from God in the Catholic church. We think that modern American mega-church culture and evangelical groups are beginning to fill the same role.

We strongly believe that all we need to understand our Covenant with God is in the Scripture. As you’ll know, the Bible even teaches us how to make wholesome bread–centuries before “ancient grains” became popular at Whole Foods. We think that the best response to these trouble times and the confusion of the technological world is to go back to the Word. The guidance of the Gospel has never led us astray, and we believe that the Word is our Anchor against the changing seas of time.